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What Our Customers Say

Interactive course keeps all delegates involved in the learning process

- Zarema Suleymanova

Virtually perfect for my objectives.

- L.T.

Training was excellent. The course was geared towards passing the exam and was very successful in this.

- C.W.

It is important to have an experienced teacher as we did. I had a feeling like he was talking to me. The communication was so good. It is excellent for me to learn how to presenet a budget and how to prepare and to control it.

- T.V.

A must have training tool in the IT industry.

- S.C.

I was lucky enough to be the only one on the course and Sam was brilliant. He was able to incorporate real world examples and associate certain concepts in a memorable fashion. I would recommend him as a SQL trainer.

- Carl Van Eijk

Course given 5 stars as it achieves its stated objectives well. The 5 days is quite intensive.

- C.M.

This is specifically designed and only relevant for bridging the gap between ITIL Foundation (introduction) V2 & V3 and it does this well.

- M.S.

It's a day well spent away from the office especially when there is a large document to be produced. It reintroduces all the best practice to enable you to successfully start and finish a report.

- K.C.

"Very intensive course, but well taught and well supported by the course material. Focus is (necessarily) on passing the exam, but a good deal of knowledge is imparted at the same time."

- P.C.