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Why Should You Invest In Training

As you can probably guess, here at Coursebookers we love training. We firmly believe that knowledge is power and that there are many great benefits of training or getting a qualification. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a training course:

1. Further your career


Sometimes it’s difficult to find motivation for studying - even if we're studying something we’re passionate about. Here are seven ways to motivate yourself when you’re studying on your own.

5 Sales Courses For The Recession

Sales are more important now, during this economic downturn, than they have ever been. During good times targets for sales are plentiful, but in these tougher times you're more likely to be faced with a slimmed down pool of targets. 

Provider Spotlight: Grow The People

It's rare that a relatively new training provider can make such a big impression, but Grow The People is one of those who can.

Top 5 Leadership Training Courses

In today’s cut and thrust business environment it is vital that all your staff are working to their full potential. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is to have good leaders at the helm.

Five Courses For New Decision Makers

Making your way up a company can be tricky, especially when making the transition from being a team member to a team leader. Leadership, assertiveness and people skills are necessary for making headway at the beginning of any new manager's career.