Q. Do you charge a booking fee?

No. Coursebookers do not charge a booking or an administration fee of any kind. We have negotiated small discounts from our partner training providers and that is how we make our money.


Q. Does Coursebookers provide training courses?

No. Coursebookers is a managed training service company. We only source training courses from third parties for our customers. This means we can offer totally independent advice when helping you to select the right course for your specific training needs.


Q. Does that mean the training course will cost more?

No. We guarantee that a course you book with us will never cost more than booking directly.


Q. Will you save me money on the cost of booking courses?

We can often provide discounts on courses booked with us. These discounts are shown on the web site listing and course pages. In addition, for complex bookings our single point of administration can save you a lot of time and effort (and therefore money) coordinating bookings and deploying joining instructions to your staff.


Q. How is the quality of training providers controlled?

Coursebookers Delegates complete an evaluation at the end of the course. This data is stored and analysed by our partner Now Training. This enables Coursebookers to include only the courses with consistently high ratings.


Q. What happens after I place an enquiry for a course?

Once you have made a request for more information, one of our booking administrators will contact you to confirm course availability and price. (Our web site is updated daily with availability, so only in very rare cases courses may have filled up or prices may have changed.) Once payment is collected, your course will be booked and we will contact you with joining instructions at least 2 weeks prior to the course – unless other arrangements have been made.


Q. I’d like to book a course that starts within two weeks, can you do that?

Yes, we can “fast-track” last minute bookings, and can sometimes negotiate a late booking discount.


Q. When will I receive joining instructions for the training course?

Approximately two weeks prior to the course start date unless requested otherwise.


Q. Can I pay direct online?

We offer various payment methods including credit card payment by phone, company invoice, and company cheque, but for now we do not offer direct online payment.


Q. I have very complex booking requirements, can you help?

Of course. We specialise in handling complex bookings. See our Group Bookings page for more details.


Q. I have difficulty finding courses. Can you help?

Yes. Our customer service team is on hand to assist you any courses you require. Contact us with any specific requirements you may have which you can’t find on our web site.


Q. Can Coursebookers offer any other services?

We can work with you to save you time and money and improve your training quality. Our partner Now Training has over a decade of experience at helping businesses to outsource their training selection and administration.